Amenities H10
Garrofé has developed a completely new design for the entire line of amenities packs for H10 Group hotels.
The brand is rethinking its corporate pieces, which is why the result focuses on a more minimalist line, in earth tones and with a very careful aesthetic.
New second edition of Structural Packaging GOLD
This second edition contains new and innovative material, as well as downloadable templates. Each project is unique and designed by Garrofé packaging studio.  



Presentation at Abat Oliba: Let’s talk about packaging and the creative process.
Josep María Garrofé has given a masterclass at Abat Oliba CEU University on packaging and the creative process. The attendance of the Advertising and Public Relations students has been both face-to-face and virtual. A new way of learning through new technologies adapted to the current situation.  
Garrofé gives a speech at the Beauty Trend Talk about packaging trends

Josep María Garrofé presented the presentation “Future Packaging, Horizon 2030” with a detailed presentation on the vision of trends, innovation and ideas in cosmetic packaging for the next 10 years. Four key points for this future stand out: Sustainability, Smart (intelligent packaging), Online Adapt and Minimal Packaging. A very interesting and groundbreaking speech that was the subject of debate in the next round table.

Garrofé, present at the Liderpack Awards as a member of the jury

One more year the LiderPack awards, the highest recognition in the packaging sector at the national level, rely on our extensive experience in the world of design to participate as members of the jury. This year, especially affected by the current pandemic situation, a special COVID-19 category has been introduced for the first time. With more presence than ever, the commitment to sustainable solutions stood out.